We are people brought together (though miles apart) by the common idea that today matters. And tomorrow will too. We are teachers, designers, photographers, believers and skeptics, brothers and sisters and friends. We struggle and search through the day-to-day just like everyone else. We are all just here, trying to live this day like it’s the best one we’re ever going to see. We hope you’ll journey along with us.

The Writers

I’m the brains behind this little project. I collected all my friends to make it work (they’re the magic). I’m a midwest girl who is shocked, and a little bothered, by the fact that Texas is starting to feel an awful lot like home. When not teaching a hot mess full of kids how to be better people (and read and write), I’m busy coaching soccer, talking with my hands and generally drinking too much coffee. I really like margaritas, craft projects, sarcasm and young adult literature. And Jesus. I probably should have mentioned him first, seeing that he’s Jesus and all.

I firmly believe that no bag can ever be too big, no shoes can ever be too bright and no moment is worth wasting. I will stand by that much longer than I will probably like Texas.

Joining you from: Houston, Texas


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