Like anything, creativity is spurred by more creativity. So here you’ll find things we like. People, websites, ideas (maybe even a personal ad or two) that made us laugh, inspired us or pushed us to try one more time. If you make it onto this page then we happen to think you’re pretty cool. If you don’t, well, keep trying. Everyone has their moment afterall.

Good Thoughts

But just extraordinary experiences when this happnes, is it? It also happens in the day-to-day, ordinary moments. I was with my friends at one of our favorite restaurants the other night. We had been there at least three hours when I noticed we were the last ones in the place. The employees were starting to stack chairs and vacuum the floors, and we were still talking. I was looking around the table at my wife, whom I just adore; our friend Shauna, who may be one of the best story tellers on the planet; Tom, whom I would take a bullet for; and Tom’s wife, Cecilia, who is one of the most loving, authentic people I have ever met. And I’m sitting in this restaurant looking around the table, soaking it in, totally overwhelmed with the holiness of it all. The sacredness of the moment. That sense that in spite of everything awful i have ever seen, we’re going to make it. I know that sounds like it’s from a greeting card, but I know you know what I”m talking about. Ordinary moments in ordinary settings that all of a sudden become infused with something else. With meaning. Significance. Hope.

-Rob Bell, Velvet Elvis


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